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Zantac Trials Will Start in 2023 After Experts Are Interviewed | 8/5/2021

Multidistrict litigation is proceeding with common technical considerations being resolved

Baby Powder Cancer Plaintiffs Seek To Block Johnson & Johnson's Planned Talc Bankruptcy | 8/4/2021

If the company is successful in segregating its talc business from the rest of the company it could take years for ovarian cancer victims to get paid

Scientists Are Shocked When Learning Of Elmiron Vision Damage | 8/4/2021

One scientist who studied the effects of Elmiron (pentosyn polysulfate sodium) is shocked at the severity of vision damage caused by the anti-bladder pain medicine

The Different Side Effects of Zantac Ranitidine And Zantac 360 Famotidine | 8/3/2021

Famotidine is much stronger than ranitidine and potentially more toxic

Including Talc On California's List of Carcinogenic Ingredients Could Affect All Cosmetics Companies | 8/2/2021

Asbestos in cosmetics used by women every day could be an even bigger problem than baby powder cancer

Valisure Claims Ranitidine Degrades Into Unacceptably High Levels of NDMA After Ingested Into The Body | 8/1/2021

A combination of factors like body heat and stomach nitrates may cause ranitidine to degrade into NDMA a probably human carcinogen

Johnson & Johnson Director of Human Health Refuses To Be Cross Examined And Is Held In Contempt of Court | 8/1/2021

A jury in the Johnson's Baby Powder ovarian cancer trial then failed to hold Johnson & Johnson liable for a woman's death

Civil Rights Talcum Powder Lawsuits Could Cause An Avalanche of Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits | 7/30/2021

Johnson & Johnson chose to target black women with their baby powder advertising after discovering their product caused cancer

Elmiron Lawsuits Follow The Pattern of Being Misled By Their Doctors That The Drug Was Safe | 7/30/2021

Women would have opted for a different course of IC treatment like improving their diet had they known taking Elmiron would cause them to go blind

A Person Experiencing Elmiron Vision Damage Can File A Lawsuit | 7/28/2021

Legal experts expect more than 1000 lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn women that their bladder pain medicine could ruin their eyesight

Time Remains To File A Zantac Cancer Claim | 7/28/2021

Former Zantac users that have developed cancer are contacting Zantac cancer lawyers

A Lawsuit Has Accused Johnson & Johnson of Targeting African American Women With Carcinogenic Baby Powder | 7/28/2021

A lawsuit filed by The National Council of Negro Women could cause thousands of women with allegedly talc-related ovarian cancer to come forward

Both Sides Have Made Progress In Zantac Multidistrict Litigation | 7/27/2021

Valisure's ranitidine testing method differs from the one used by the FDA

When Did Sanofi Know Ranitidine Become Carcinogenic | 7/23/2021

Plaintiff attorneys are eager to get the results of a Department of Justice investigation of Sanofi, the maker of Zantac heartburn and acid reflux medicine

Terminally Ill Plaintiffs May Benefit From Smaller But Quicker Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Payouts | 7/21/2021

Johnson & Johnson is looking to limit their legal liabilities and shelter their more profitable lines of business

The Food And Drug Administration Updated The Elmiron Safety Warning Only Recently | 7/21/2021

The FDA waited for 24-years before updating its warnings about Elmiron night blindness vision damage

Johnson & Johnson Knew That Baby Powder Caused Cancer and Marketed It To Mothers Anyway | 7/15/2021

The company has set aside 4 billion dollars for 2021 legal expenses for talcum powder cancer lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson Lives In A Bubble Of Denial Over Talcum Powder Asbestos Cancer | 7/14/2021

A Missouri Court of Appeals judge laid bare Johnson & Johnson's attempt to confuse and distort talcum powder asbestos ovarian cancer facts

A Lack of FDA Oversight May Have Contributed To Talc Asbestos Ovarian Cancer Deaths | 7/13/2021

The Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association may have overlooked studies pointing to high levels of talc asbestos contamination

The Longer Ranitidine Remained On Store Shelves, The More Carcinogenic It May Have Become | 7/10/2021

There is no denying that ranitidine degrades and becomes carcinogenic and that the FDA recall was justified

Elmiron Vision Damage May Show Up Years After One Stops Taking The Drug | 7/9/2021

New information points to vision damage beginning years later when an ex-Elmiron patient thought they were in the clear

Seattle Research Scientist Believes Women Who Use Johnson's Baby Powder Have about a 25% Greater Likelihood of Developing Ovarian Cancer | 7/9/2021

The best scientists in the world will give testimony later this year and next about how Johnson's Baby Powder Caused Cancer

The Food And Drug Administration Stands By The Safety Of Ranitidine Despite Issuing A Recall | 7/9/2021

Plaintiffs suing Sanofi will need to present concrete scientific evidence that ranitidine becomes NDMA under normal circumstances

Researchers Says Asbestos In Talc Likely Causes Mesothelioma | 7/7/2021

Thousands of cases of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma point to the cosmetics industry being unable to regulate itself

MDL's Purpose Is To Vet And Weed Out Unwarranted Zantac Cancer Claims | 7/7/2021

Each lawyer is to submit only the cases that meet the MDL judges criteria

Former Zantac Users Must Identify The Causes and Symptoms of Colon (Bowel) Cancer | 7/6/2021

Zantac appears to have caused many types of cancer once attributed to eating a poor diet

Asbestos Can Be Absorbed Through The Skin From Wearing Makeup | 7/5/2021

Women who use talc-based makeup could be also be inhaling asbestos non-stop all day, every day

Zantac Cancer Litigation Surpasses 100,000 Potential Plaintiffs | 7/5/2021

Retailers like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and others have been released of responsibility for negligence in storing Zantac at higher than normal temperatures

Elmiron Patients Left In The Dark (Literally) About Alleged Vision Damaging Side Effects | 7/4/2021

Elmiron vision damage lawsuits are being filed by patients who can no longer see well at night or in less than optimal lighting conditions

Consumers continue to be left in the dark regarding talc being contaminated with asbestos | 7/3/2021

Tens of thousands of American women may have died unnecessarily from ovarian cancer because Johnson & Johnson claimed it was safe, pure, and asbestos-free

Zantac Cancer Plaintiffs Could Expand To Over 100,000 | 7/2/2021

All parties are focused on the upcoming MDL Science Day to hear the evidence regarding Zantac cancer claims.

A Hiatal Hernia May Cause Heartburn Pain | 6/29/2021

Not all heartburn pain can be alleviated with antacid medicine and medical attention may be required

Government Regulation Of The Cosmetics Industry Is Long Overdue - Banning Talc | 6/28/2021

The Food and Drug Administration has tested and found Johnson's Baby Powder talc to contain asbestos, a known carcinogenic, and nothing further has been done

Past Bad Behavior Could Force Johnson & Johnson To Settle Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits | 6/27/2021

Federal bellwether trials against the cosmetics and fragrance giant scheduled for this year could signal an end to Johnson & Johnson's talc ovarian cancer defense

Faulty Ranitidine Testing Methods May Have Caused NDMA To Accelerate | 6/26/2021

Scientists suggest that heating ranitidine during testing and not ranitidine is the cause of high levels of NDMA

High Temperatures In Transporting, Storing or Using Ranitidine Leads To Ranitidne Degrading | 6/24/2021

The researcher measured more than a 10% increase in NDMA over the amount thought to be safe

The Focus of Zantac Cancer Trials Will Be NDMA | 6/22/2021

Zantac lawsuits could reach the 100,000 level as soon as bellwether trials occur

Scientific Studies Link Using Elmiron With Progressive, Degenerative Eyesight Damage | 6/22/2021

The restrictions to stop the spread of Covid-19 are being lifted and Elmiron cases are proceeding

Racial Profiling Plays a Johnson's Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Trials | 6/22/2021

Johnson & Johnson is accused of systematic racism for handing out free samples of baby powder in black churches in the 1970s

Elmiron Vision Damage Trials To Begin In 2023 | 6/18/2021

Meanwhile, plaintiff attorneys look forward to sharing the science behind Elmiron causing vision damage with the MDL judge in September

Experts Are Unsure IfTalc By Itself Causes Cancer | 6/18/2021

Experts are also unsure if asbestos in talc can cause ovarian cancer like it causes mesothelioma

Lawyers Leading Zantac MDL Are Confident of a Large Zantac Cancer Settlement | 6/18/2021

Zantac heartburn medicine cancer litigation could be the largest mass tort personal injury case since tobacco

Talcum Powder Federal Lawsuits Moving Ahead In MDL | 6/17/2021

More than 30,000 ovarian cancer trials are being processed through the Federal Court System

Military Veterans May Have Overused Zantac | 6/17/2021

Military personnel that have developed stomach and other types of cancer are suing the manufacturer of the drug for negligence

The Science Behind Zantac Cancer May Be Unresolved | 6/16/2021

The makers of Zantac ranitidine are claiming that there is no concrete link between taking Zantac and developing cancer

Hard Evidence That Talc Causes Ovarian Cancer Is Difficult To Find | 6/16/2021

There is little plausible evidence that talc causes ovarian cancer definitively, as 30,000 baby powder ovarian cancer plaintiffs seem to believe

Consumers Trusted Brand Name Zantac Over Generic Forms of Ranitidine | 6/13/2021

Generic ranitidine manufacturers and retail chain stores are co-defendants in Zantac cancer lawsuits

Sanofi Could Be In Trouble For Lying To The Government About Their Zantac Cancer Knowlege | 6/12/2021

Heavily publicized tests of ranitidine started in 1982 that confirmed ranitidine was unstable and could become carcinogenic

All Signs Point To Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer Settlements | 6/11/2021

Johnson & Johnson has settled another case against them in a virtual courtroom

Each New Elmiron Study Paints A Picture More Grim | 6/10/2021

The number of women who experience Elmiron vision damage may continue to grow long after the drug is off of the market

Defendant Drug Companies Seek Dismissal of Zantac Cancer Claims | 6/9/2021

The judge presiding over a new standard of diversity in selecting the Zantac cancer MDL panel faces her first challenge

Zantac's Makers Allegedly Destroyed Evidence About Their Knowledge of Ranitidine Becoming Carcinogenic | 6/8/2021

The judge in MDL proceedings requested the companies provide emails around the time ranitidine was recalled by the FDA

Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer And Mesothelioma Claims Increase To 30000 | 6/7/2021

The number of plaintiffs with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma has increased to more than 30,000 despite a verdict overturned recently

Macular Degeneration May Be Due To Taking Elmiron, Not Age-Related As Some Doctors Thought | 6/6/2021

Doctors may have misdiagnosed Elmiron-related maculopathy as several seemingly naturally occurring conditions as one grows older

The Journal Ophthalmology And Others Presents Evidence of Elmiron's Unique Eyesight Damage Fingerprint | 6/5/2021

Prominent scientists have concluded that taking pentosan polysulfate sodium regularly for years can cause a unique type of eyesight damage once blamed on getting older

Sanofi May Have Known About Ranitidine Being Inherently Carcinogenic | 6/4/2021

Zantac users that have developed cancer after using the heartburn and acid reflux medicine may have a good case

TV Doctors Tell Viewers That Walking May Help With Heartburn And Acid Reflux Pain | 6/3/2021

Heartburn and acid reflux may also signal that a person is not getting enough exercise

Johnson & Johnson Defends Against Talc Asbestos Allegations in Virtual Trial | 6/2/2021

Many states are giving civil litigants the option of having a relatively speedy virtual trial via Zoom rather than wait because of the Covid-19 delays

Zantac 360 Made From Famotidine Is For Sale In the US | 6/1/2021

Sanofi turns defense into offense and rebrands Zantac made from ranitidine into Zantac 360 made from famotidine

$117 Million Talc Cancer Verdict Overturned As Expert Witness Credibility Takes Center Stage | 5/31/2021

It was not unexpected since the expert witnesses presented by the plaintiffs failed to pass muster

Johnson & Johnson's Blue Chip Credit Status Could Be At Risk | 5/30/2021

Investors may dump Johnson & Johnson stock because of the litigation exposure they face from multiple product failures including baby powder causing cancer

A Study of Studies supports the Link Between Elmiron and Macular Degeneration | 5/29/2021

Men and women injured by taking Elmiron have evidence in the form of scientific studies

Appeals Court Upholds Theory That Even Microscopic Particles of Asbestos Can Cause Cancer And Mesothelioma | 5/29/2021

Plaintiffs need not quantify the amount of asbestos they have been exposed to as even one microscopically small particle can cause cancer

Zantac 360 Famotidine Is The Same As Pepcid Famotidine And Different From Zantac Ranitidine | 5/28/2021

Former Zantac ranitidine users that are thinking about switching to Zantac 360 famotidine should reconsider their decision

Zantac Cancer Defendants Have Filed Motions To Dismiss The Cases | 5/27/2021

A federal judge is considering several motions filed by defense attorneys to dismiss as part of the multidistrict litigation process

Judge Kavanaugh's Father Was President Of The Personal Care Products Council For Two Decades | 5/26/2021

The PCPC was instrumental in keeping the cosmetics industry self-regulating and shelving more accurate talc asbestos testing methods

The Supreme Court Rejects Johnson & Johnson's Attempt To Overturn a $2 Billion Jury Award | 5/25/2021

A settlement offer may be on the horizon now that the company has failed in its challenge of a multi-billion dollar baby powder cancer jury award

Cancer Suffers May Consider Filing A Zantac Lawsuit | 5/24/2021

Thousands of individuals that have used heartburn and acid reflux medicine Zantac are expected to file lawsuits in the coming months alleging that taking the drug caused them to develop cancer

Zantac 360 May Be More Accurately Labeled Zantac BS | 5/23/2021

A write up on a leading website describes the plethora of deception being used by Sanofi to make up lost Zantac ranitidine sales

Bellwether Trials Could Force The FDA To Pull Elmiron Off The Market | 5/22/2021

The FDA may soon wake up to the dangers of Elmiron and insist doctors stop prescribing it

Johnson and Johnson's Supreme Court Appeal May Focus On The Constitutionality of Grouping 22 Plaintiffs Into One Case. | 5/21/2021

Allot is riding on the outcome of Johnson & Johnson's appeal to the US Supreme Court in addition to overturning the $2 billion 2018 jury award.

Elmiron MDL To Review Scientific Expert Testimony | 5/20/2021

Cold, hard science is expected to determine whether some experts may testify and some may not

Sanofi May Be Confusing Consumers With Its Rebranding of Famotidine as Zantac 360 | 5/19/2021

Sanofi sold ranitidine for decades without informing customers that it may cause cancer before eventually being caught

Johnson & Johnson Asbestos Memos Say The Company Was Aware They Had An Asbestos Problem | 5/18/2021

Johnson & Johnson knew in the early 1970s that they had an asbestos problem and lied to the FDA about talc/asbestos testing results

Vision Damage Caused By Taking Elmiron May Be Mis-diagnosed As Being Age-Related | 5/17/2021

Bellwether trials for plaintiffs suffering from eyesight damage allegedly from using anti-bladder pain drug Elmiron may soon begin.

Internal JNJ Memos May Be The Smoking Gun Establishing That The Company Knew About Asbestos Decades Ago | 5/16/2021

A Reuters investigation has found out that the company has known all along that there was asbestos in its baby powder and failed to alert public health officials or consumers

Sanofi Is Confident In Their Zantac Cancer Defense Despite Accusations Of Tampering With Evidence | 5/15/2021

The company admits to deleting sensitive emails in violation of a court order to preserve them but claims it was accidental and should have no impact on upcoming trials.

Johnson & Johnson Has Asked The Supreme Court For a Delay | 5/14/2021

The company cites issues that their attorneys are having given the restriction put on them by Covid-19 precautions

Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Scare Is Spreading To Other Countries | 5/13/2021

Doctors warn that talcum powder does more harm than good and is generally not needed for personal hygiene or baby care.

Heartburn Sufferers May Have A Serious Underlying Health Problem | 5/12/2021

Treating heartburn and acid reflux the easy way by reaching for a heartburn medicine may mask a serious health problem

Sanofi Rebrands Zantac Replacing Ranitidine With The More Potent Famotidine | 5/11/2021

Sanofi intends to brand famotidine as Zantac and return the over-the-counter brand to the US market

Famotidine's Side Effects Could Be As Serious As Ranitidine | 5/10/2021

Famotidine (Zantac 360) May Cause Liver Disease

Women May Dominate Elmiron Night Blindness Trials | 5/9/2021

Elmiron was prescribed to women with bladder pain without regard to the drug's side effects of causing vision damage

Defense Counsel Group Backs Johnson & Johnson's Appeal To The Supreme Court | 5/8/2021

Conservative public interest groups filed amicus briefs to support overturning the $2.1 billion jury award

Lawsuits Alleging Zantac Causes Cancer Surpass the 500 Mark | 5/7/2021

Zantac litigation is in its earliest stages of MDL and could attract thousands of plaintiffs

Johnson and Johnson's Supreme Court Appeal May Focus On The Constitutionality of Grouping 22 Plaintiffs Into One Case | 5/6/2021

Allot is riding on the outcome of Johnson & Johnson's appeal to the US Supreme Court in addition to overturning the $2 billion 2018 jury award

Health Canada Officially Declares Talc Carcinogenic | 5/5/2021

Canada's leading health agency warns citizens to avoid using baby, beauty, and health care products that contain talc

Heartburn Drugs Will Not Work Well For People Who Are Morbidly Obese | 5/4/2021

A third of Americans can not control their eating and tens of millions rely on heartburn and acid reflux medicine as a result

Millions More Americans May Have Developed Cancer From Using Zantac Had Valisure Not Come Along | 5/3/2021

The FDA's fast-track drug approval program lacks adequate pre-market human drug testing trials

California Breast Cancer Victim Files A Lawsuit Claiming Using Zantac Caused Her Disease | 5/2/2021

Another person has filed a lawsuit alleging that taking Zantac heartburn and acid reflux medicine of causing cancer

The FDA Must Insist on Standardized Talc Asbestos Testing Methods | 5/1/2021

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analysis of talc samples has shown the presence of asbestos time and time again

Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Timeline, Part 2 | 10/31/2017

Talcum Powder Lawsuit News during 2017

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit Timeline, Part 1 | 10/2/2017

Baby Powder Lawsuits through 2016

New Lawsuit News As Farxiga Moves Before JPML | 3/23/2017

Plaintiffs who have filed claims against Farxiga will appear before the JPML in March.

JPML Releases Hearing Session Order | 3/16/2017

The latest Hearing Session Order from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has been published on the panel’s website.

Eliquis Lawsuits Consolidated | 3/9/2017

The JPML granted plaintiffs’ motion to transfer lawsuits filed against Eliquis to a single federal court.

New Qualcomm Lawsuit News In New MDL Request | 3/2/2017

Plaintiffs in 24 lawsuits apply for a motion to transfer Qualcomm claims into multidistrict litigation.

Xytex Consolidation Makes MDL Lawsuit News | 1/30/2017

In recent lawsuit news, the motion to transfer Xytex sperm donor lawsuits into multidistrict litigation was denied on December 7.

MDL Lawsuit News: Next Hearing Session In Phoenix | 1/25/2017

The next JPML hearing session will take place on March 30 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Recent Developments Spike Takata MDL Lawsuit News | 1/20/2017

A huge civil fine coupled with yet another recall has put Takata back in the lawsuit news world in a damaging turn for the company.

Latest JPML Hearing Session To Take Place Jan. 26 | 1/15/2017

The panel that rules on which groups of lawsuits will be transferred into multidistrict litigation will hold their next hearing session on January 26 in Miami.

Zofran Lawsuits Accumulate After MDL Transfer | 11/30/2015

The number of cases against GlaxoSmithKline concerning their anti-nausea medication Zofran and it’s connection to the development of birth defects continue to grow more than a month after the nationwide litigation was consolidated into an MDL.

First Wright Hip Implant Trial Yields $11 Million Verdict For Plaintiff | 11/27/2015

The first trial heard against Wright's Profemur hip replacements ended in a $11 million decision in favor of the plaintiff.

JPML To Rule On Ashley Madison Motion To Transfer | 11/25/2015

Lawsuits pending against and it's parent company Avid Life Media will appear before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on December 3.

More Than 3,000 Testosterone Lawsuits Filed | 11/22/2015

The lawsuits filed in an MDL against companies producing testosterone therapies such as Androgel have reached over 3,000 total cases.

C.R. Bard Reaches First Avaulta Settlement | 11/21/2015

The first awarding of damages with an Avaulta transvaginal mesh plaintiff was recently reached for a total of $3.6 million.

New GM Ignition Lawsuit To be Heard By JPML | 11/18/2015

A new lawsuit from the Central District of California will appear before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on December 3.

Volkswagen Motion To Transfer To Be Heard In December | 11/15/2015

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation will hear arguments from both sides on whether the lawsuits filed against Volkswagen should be consolidated, and where those lawsuits should be sent to if certified.

FDA Reviewer States Xarelto Stroke Risk Worse Than Warfarin | 11/13/2015

The Bayer medication is in the midst of multidistrict litigation, which will likely see the plaintiffs point to the FDA reviewer's analysis of Xarelto as they have often compared the drug to its allegedly more effective predecessor Warfarin.

Zofran Set For First Status Conference | 11/6/2015

The recently consolidated Zofran lawsuits will take their first step in pretrial proceedings with a status conference on November 17.

MDL Hearing Session On Tap For McCormick | 11/5/2015

The pepper manufacturer is facing lawsuits from competitors that have claimed McCormick did not sufficiently inform customers of their changes to provide less overall pepper in their products.

Daily Fantasy Sports Motion To Transfer Filed | 11/2/2015

11 lawsuits were included in a motion to transfer that seeks to centralize lawsuits filed against the daily fantasy companies Fanduel and DraftKings in the Southern District of New York federal court.

Clean Water Rule MDL Denied | 10/31/2015

The lawsuits taking aim at the Clean Water Rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers that the federal agencies were seeking to consolidate were denied transfer by the JPML.

Amtrak Derailment MDL Certified | 10/30/2015

Lawsuits connected to the Amtrak train crash that occurred on May 12 in Philadelphia have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

MDL Request Against Four Majors U.S. Airlines Approved | 10/29/2015

The Airline Carriers Delta, American, United and Southwest have been named as defendants in a number of antitrust lawsuits recently transferred into multidistrict litigation by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

Google Privacy Lawsuit Linked To MDL | 10/27/2015

Roughly half a dozen cases alleging that Google illegally obtained Gmail user information and sold it to targeted marketers were linked to pending multidistrict litigation against the company.

State Of Oregon LCD Antitrust MDL Settled for $21 Million | 10/24/2015

The state of Oregon settled claims against a number of LCD manufacturers allegedly involved in antitrust behavior involving their LCD products for $21 million.

Power Morcellator Lawsuits Certified Into MDL | 10/22/2015

The JPML ruled that the lawsuits included in the motion to transfer filed before the panel concerning the allegedly cancer spreading power morcellators be transferred into multidistrict litigation.

JPML Accepts U.S. Office of Personnel Management Data Hack MDL Request | 10/18/2015

Lawsuits related to the data hack of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management have been consolidated into a MDL by the JPML in the District of District of Columbia federal court.

Zofran Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 10/14/2015

Dozens of lawsuits claiming that GlaxoSmithKline marketed their Zofran medication off-label to pregnant mothers and increased the risk for birth defects were consolidated into multidistrict litigation by the JPML on Wednesday.

Honda Vibration Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 10/11/2015

A number of lawsuits filed against Honda for the distracting vibration felt in their 2015 CR-V models were transferred into an MDL in the Southern District of Ohio by the JPML.

Second Cymbalta MDl Request Denied By JPML | 10/9/2015

For a second time, plaintiffs seeking for their Cymbalta withdrawal lawsuits to be consolidated into an MDL were rebuffed by the JPML.

Benicar MDL Trials Set To Begin Late 2016 | 10/6/2015

The first bellwether trials in the Benicar multidistrict litigation are expected to take place sometime in the second half of 2016.

JPML Hears New MDL Consolidation Arguments | 10/4/2015

A number of motions to transfer filed by plaintiffs with grievances against GlaxoSmithKline's Zoloft medication, Honda's vibrating 2015 CR-V model and Amtrak's role in a May train derailment were heard by the JPML at their bi-monthly hearing in New York this week.

Cymbalta To Face Second MDL Bid Tomorrow | 9/30/2015

Plaintiffs in lawsuits filed against Eli Lilly concerning their antidepressant Cymbalta will argue the second motion to transfer attempt over the alleged severe withdrawal symptoms, of which the manufacturer failed to properly warn consumers.

Domestic Airline Antitrust JPML Hearing To Occur Thursday | 9/28/2015

Plaintiffs that filed a motion to transfer the lawsuits claiming airline colluded to raise the price of their plane tickets will present their case for certification before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 1.

Volkswagen Likely Headed For Multidistrict Litigation | 9/25/2015

Following the EPA's discovery of emissions falsifications by the automotive giant, lawsuits already filed against Volkswagen are widely expected to be eventually consolidated into multidistrict litigation.

Pretrial Orders Given In Xarelto MDL | 9/23/2015

Bellwether dates and electronic communication orders were made by U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon in the multidistrict litigation concerning the defective blood-thinning drug Xarelto.

GM Settles Ignition Switch Lawsuits For $900 Million | 9/21/2015

General Motors has agreed to a $900 settlement with plaintiffs who claims that the automaker knew of serious issues with ignition switches in thousands of vehicles and failed to warn consumers of the potential danger the malfunction posed to drivers.

Zofran Birth Defect Litigation To Seek Consolidation | 9/19/2015

Lawsuits from around the country alleging GlaxoSmithKline knowingly failed to warn consumers of the connection between its anti-nausea drug Zofran and birth defects while it marketed the drug off-label to pregnant mothers will be up for consolidation before the JPML October 1.

Honda CR-V Vibration Lawsuits Up Before JPML | 9/16/2015

Lawsuits from six separate states are combined in a motion to transfer the proceedings to multidistrict litigation claiming Honda knew of a vibration problem with its newest CR-V models and failed to pass the information on to consumers.

Nerve Damage Lawsuits Certified | 9/15/2015

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation certified nearly two dozen lawsuits claiming that a strong antibiotic marketed by large pharmaceutical companies did not properly warn consumers of the strength of the connection between the drug and potential nerve damage.

Zimmer Knee Implant MDL Heads For First Bellwether Trial | 9/12/2015

The first bellwether in the multidistrict litigation claiming the medical device manufacturer Zimmer released a defective knee implant to the public, garnering more than 1,000 individual lawsuits, is set to begin in October.

McCormick Pepper Lawsuits Headed To JPML | 9/8/2015

McCormick filed a motion to transfer for lawsuits filed against the company by competitors in the pepper industry claiming that the defendant underfilled its tins intentionally without alerting customers in an attempt to save on commodity costs.

Ashley Madison Lawsuit Plaintiff Files Motion To Transfer Before JPML | 9/6/2015

A plaintiff who filed a lawsuit against the matchmaking website has filed a motion to transfer at least five similar lawsuits into multidistrict litigation.

Auto Body MDL Defendants Receive Favorable Decision | 9/4/2015

The presiding judge's acceptance of a report advising dismissal of plaintiffs claims written by a magistrate judge is a win for insurance companies fighting claims of antitrust behavior.

SeaWorld MDL Denied Class Certification | 8/31/2015

The motion to transfer five actions into multidistrict litigation by SeaWorld was denied by the JPML.

C.R. Bard IVC Lawsuits Consolidated in Arizona | 8/29/2015

22 lawsuits filed against C.R. Bard Inc. for the serious complications that were allegedly caused by the company's IVC filter devices were consolidated into multidistrict litigation by the JPML.

Championship Boxing Match Center Of New MDL | 8/27/2015

Plaintiffs claiming that Manny Pacquiao intentionally failed to disclose an injury leading up to a pay-per-view boxing match misled customers who purchased the fight in efforts to capitalize on the eventual revenues from the pay-per-view purchases.

More Plaintiffs Added To Xarelto MDL, Bellwether Details Released | 8/22/2015

Nearly 200 plaintiffs were added to multidistrict litigation concerning the defective blood thinning medication Xarelto.

KIND Granola Bar False Ad Class Action Certified Into MDL | 8/19/2015

A dozen lawsuits filed against KIND LLC for falsely marketing its granola bars have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in the Southern District of New York by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

500 Testosterone Lawsuits Added To MDL In Past Two Months | 8/15/2015

After an influx of claims, nearly 2,000 testosterone therapy lawsuits are currently pending in the MDL against pharmaceutical manufacturers that failed to warn customers of the risk of heart attack and stroke connected to their medications.

C.R. Bard Settles Roughly 3,000 Cases For $200 Million | 8/12/2015

Medical device manufacturer C.R. Bard elected to settle with thousands of plaintiffs that filed lawsuits against the company for the complications that came with surgical implantation of transvaginal mesh.

Bayer Settles Remaining Birth Control Lawsuits For $56.9 million | 8/8/2015

Around 1,200 lawsuits are expected to be covered by the $56.9 million settlement reached between Bayer and plaintiffs that claimed the companies Yasmin and Yaz birth control pills led to complications due to blood clotting.

Delta and AirTran Lawsuits Certified Into MDL | 8/6/2015

Thousands of lawsuits claiming that Delta and AirTran colluded to create baggage fees were certified by a federal judge into the ongoing multidistrict litigation.

Settlement Reached In Foam Antitrust MDL | 8/3/2015

Three foam manufacturers reached settlement with plaintiffs who accused them of antitrust activities concerning their foam products.

Long-Standing Litigation Against Kenmore And Whirlpool Settled | 8/2/2015

Plaintiffs that brought up issues relating to defective front-panels and mold accretion in washing machines that previously had an MDL shot down by a federal jury have reached a settlement with defendants.

DOJ Moves To Consolidate Government Data Breach Lawsuits | 8/1/2015

Three lawsuits focused on the data hack into the Office of Personnel Management have been taken up by the Department of Justice and filed a motion to transfer the cases into multidistrict litigation in Washington D.C.

Power Morcellator MDL Request Meets Opposition From Defense | 7/27/2015

Power morcellator manufacturers have made their opposition to the request by plaintiffs to centralize the lawsuits known, claiming that there are not enough lawsuits to necessitate multidistrict litigation.

Foot Locker Settles With Plaintiffs Over FLSA MDL | 7/25/2015

Foot Locker agreed to pay $7.1 million to settle claims brought by employees alleging the shoe retailer failed to compensate their workers in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Cymbalta Lawsuits File Second Bid For MDL | 7/24/2015

Plaintiffs filing suit against Eli Lily over withdrawal symptoms related to their Cymbalta drug are appealing to the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation a second time to consider their claims for consolidation.

LiNA Agrees To First Power Morcellator Settlement | 7/21/2015

LiNA Medical has reached the first settlement with a power morcellator plaintiff. The confidential settlement was made with a man who claimed his wife passed away after complications from cancer intensified by the controversial medical device.

Takata Rejects U.S. Senator's Call For Compensation Fund | 7/20/2015

Automotive company Takata has rebuffed a U.S senator's call to create a compensation fund for those affected by their defective airbags that have already killed 8 and injured over 100.

Covidien Settles More Than 11,000 Lawsuits In Mesh MDL | 7/19/2015

Medical device maker Covidien has agreed to settle thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed against the company for its defective product.

Lawsuits Against Airlines File Motion To Transfer | 7/12/2015

A handful of lawsuits filed in Illinois and New York have filed a motion to transfer their lawsuits before a federal judge in the Northern District of Illinois.

Pentair Reaches $600,000 Settlement In Pool Supplies MDL | 7/10/2015

Pentair became the third and final company involved in the pool products antitrust MDL to settle with plaintiffs who claim that they had to pay inflated prices for equipment purchased from the defendants.

Ethicon Has 39 Mesh Cases Consolidated To Single Trial | 7/9/2015

In an effort to speed transvaginal mesh MDL, 39 cases have been consolidated into a single trial to begin December 7.

Xarelto Plaintiffs Selected For First MDL Bellwether Trials | 7/5/2015

50 plaintiffs have been selected to participate in the first bellwether trials in August of 2016 for multidistrict litigation concerning the serious bleeding incidents connected to the blood-thinning drug Xarelto.

BP Reaches $18.7 Billion Deepwater Horizon Settlement | 7/3/2015

More than five years after the explosion and subsequent spill from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, a record-breaking settlement has been reached between the Department of Justice, along with five states, and the oil company BP for $18.7 billion.

Power Morcellator Suits Request Kansas MDL | 7/2/2015

A series of lawsuits claiming that manufacturers of power morcellators failed to adequately warn their patients of the cancer-spreading risk related to the device were named in a motion to centralize before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

Amtrak Plaintiffs Pursue MDL | 6/28/2015

A group of plaintiffs involved in the Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia have filed a transfer motion before the JPML.

MDL Request Granted For Herbal Supplements Lawsuits | 6/26/2015

The JPML has combined four dockets into multidistrict litigation against herbal supplement manufacturers whose products allegedly repeatedly failed to contain ingredients listed on the labels.

MDL Request For California Wine Arsenic Lawsuits Denied | 6/25/2015

The JPML rejected an MDL request to consolidate actions against California wine companies for high levels of arsenic in their products.

Contact Lens Lawsuits Transfered to Florida | 6/22/2015

Antitrust lawsuits claiming that manufacturers of contact lenses set minimum pricing guidelines for retailers were transferred to the Middle District of Florida in June by the JPML.

Anthem Data Breach Lawsuits Transfered To Florida | 6/19/2015

The JPML ruled that the lawsuits filed against Anthem for a data breach that compromised millions of customers' sensitive data will be certified into multidistrict litigation in the Northner District of California.

JPML Centralizes Lumber Liquidator Lawsuits In Virginia | 6/18/2015

The lawsuits against Lumber Liquidators for selling toxic flooring have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in the Eastern District of Verginia

Taishan Gypsum MDL Close To Ruling On Damages | 6/15/2015

Federal Judge Edon Fallon is expected to rule on the damages to be paid to plaintiffs by Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum in relation to the toxic gases emitted by their building materials sold to the American Southeast.

Pfizer Not Guilty In 2nd Zoloft Bellwether Trial | 6/14/2015

A jury ruled in favor of Pfizer for the 2nd time, finding that the warning label the company provided adequately warned of the medication's possible link to birth defects.

GM And Global Law Firm Accused of Racketeering | 6/12/2015

A lawyer involved with the ignition switch lawsuits pending against GM has filed a new motion claiming that GM conspired with multiple parties in covering up serious engineering defects at the heart of multidistrict litigation against the company.

FedEx Drivers Win Reversal Of Summary Judgment In Florida | 6/10/2015

A Federal Appeals Court ruled to reverse the summary judgment made against FedEx drivers claiming they were employees and not independent contractors in Florida, sending the case back to a U.S. District Court.

New Reports Arise In Zoloft MDL As Experts Questioned | 6/9/2015

Birth defect lawsuits against pharmaceutical company Pfizer deal with new reports and expert eligibility.

First Wright Hip Implant Trial Begins | 6/7/2015

The Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Profemur hip implants that caused serious complications for patients are headed for their first trial in California.

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer Among Defendants In Nerve Damage MDL Bid | 5/31/2015

Levaquin and lawsuits related to similar medications are seeking certification into multidistrict litigation before the JPML.

Banks Reject $19 million Target/MasterCard Data Breach Settlement | 5/23/2015

A $19 million settlement reached out-of-court by Target and MasterCard failed to reach the 90 percent approval needed to be met by financial institutions seeking reimbursement for costs resulting from the 2013 Target data breach.

Takata Announces New Recall, Endures Sizable Financial Hit | 5/22/2015

The recall affecting millions of vehicles equipped with defective Takata airbags has reportedly more than doubles to 34 million cars, with the potential to severely thin out the company’s finances as it simultaneously deals with multidistrict litigation.

Dozens Of Lawsuits Join Xarelto MDL, Discovery Cases Selected | 5/18/2015

Lawsuits against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson for the faulty blood thinner continue to grow, while the judge overseeing the case selects specific cases to be reviewed as the MDL enters discovery.

Merck & Co. Denied Vioxx Summary Judgment | 5/17/2015

A New Jersey Federal Judge denied summary judgment to a majority of securities fraud lawsuits pending against the pharmaceutical company.

Benicar Lawsuits Consolidated in New Jersey | 5/15/2015

The JPML has ruled to transfer 15 lawsuits against Daiichi Sankyo Inc. and Forest Laboratories Inc. for side effects related to their drug Benicar to New Jersey for multidistrict litigation.

Facing Possible MDL, Lumber Liquidators Pulls Chinese Flooring | 5/11/2015

With lawsuits mounting against Lumber Liquidators over their toxic laminate flooring, the company has suspended the sale of the tainted product coming from China.

Boston Scientific Reaches First Mesh Settlement | 5/10/2015

Boston Scientific agreed to pay out $119 million as it reached its first settlement with roughly 10 percent of plaintiffs suing the company for it's faulty transvaginal mesh products.

Takeda Settles Actos Claims For $2.4 Billion | 5/8/2015

Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay $2.4 billion to settle lawsuits against the company claiming the diabetes drug Actos led to a higher risk of bladder cancer.

Private Air Cargo MDL Settlements Top $1 Billion | 5/4/2015

Private settlements in the large air cargo antitrust MDL recently reached a combined total of $1 billion after EVA Airways recently reached a $99 million deal.

Target Settles With Two Defendants In Cathode Ray Tube MDL | 5/3/2015

LG and Mitsubishi are the latest electronics companies to settle with plaintiffs in the MDL, as they agreed to a deal with Target over the alleged cathode ray tube price-fixing scheme.

Generic Makers Of Testosterone Drugs Argue For Dismissal | 5/1/2015

Some generics makers in the testosterone replacement therapy lawsuits are attempting to use a 2011 Supreme Court ruling to have the claims filed against them dismissed.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules In Favor of State Antitrust Power | 4/27/2015

In a 7-2 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states have the power to pursue litigation against energy companies relating to allegations of antitrust activities without the risk of preemption by the National Gas Act or the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission.

NFL Concussion Lawsuits Reach Final Settlement Approval | 4/25/2015

The NFL concussion MDL has finally received final approval from the judge overeeing the cae after multiple tries.

Testofen MDL Denied By JPML | 4/24/2015

The motion to centralize two Testofen actions was denied in April after judges found no necessity in combining only two actions included listed in the request for certification, opting to remand them to their original districts.

NYC Bankruptcy Judge Rules In Favor Of New GM Management | 4/19/2015

In a big decision that influenced expected multi-billion dollar damages related to injuries and deaths due to faulty ignition switches, a New York bankruptcy judge ruled that the new owners of GM were protected from paying damages to plaintiffs according to the parameters of the bankruptcy filed by the old owners.

Judge Rules In Favor Of The Validity Of Plaintiff's Claims Against Reckitt Benckiser | 4/18/2015

An attempt by Reckitt Benckiser to toss allegations of antitrust behavior was rebuffed by a federal judge, although some lawsuits filed by end payors were cut from the multidistrict litigation.

FCA US LLC Granted Conflict Of Interest Protection In MDL | 4/16/2015

A federal judge ruled that bankruptcy agreements made by FCA US LLC after the merger of Fiat and Chrysler will excuse the company from dealing with the lawyers who rained possible conflict of interest concerns after his appointment as a special mediator.

Hail Storm Lawsuit Abuse Prompts Creation Of New Texas MDL Courts | 4/12/2015

A five-member panel appointed by the Texas Supreme Court has decided to create a new MDL court system to deal with lawsuits brought against insurance companies in relation to hail storms around Texas. The insurers claim they are attempting to protect themselves from predatory litigation tactics that could eventually cause them to no longer offer insurance in some parts of Texas.

Antitrust MDL Against Mobile Carriers Dismissed | 4/10/2015

Lawsuits alleging four large mobile carriers conspired to artificially increase and fix the price of text message rates was dismissed by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Target Receives Preliminary Approval Of Data Breach Settlement | 4/9/2015

A resolution to Target Corp.'s massive 2013 holiday season data breach is nearing completion as a Minnesota federal judge granted preliminary approval to a $10 million settlement deal proposed by the nationwide retailer.

Takeda Advances Toward Possible $2.2 Billion Deal In Actos MDL | 4/6/2015

Takeda Pharmaceuticals has publicly asserted it would be willing to part with more than $2 billion to settle lawsuits involved in the MDL concerning its diabeties drug Actos and its connection to bladder cancer.

Oral Arguments Progress Over Benicar Class Certification | 4/5/2015

Plaintiffs and Defendants have given oral arguments concerning a December filing attempting to transfer lawsuits over the blood pressure drug Benicar before the JPML.

Arsenic Lawsuits Against Wine Manufacturers Seek Certification | 4/3/2015

A lawyer who filed lawsuits against a series of wine manufacturers for containing high levels of arsenic is seeking for the cases to be transferred into multidistrict litigation in Louisiana.

New Vaginal Mesh Case Added To Ethicon MDL | 3/30/2015

Cases continue to mount against Ethicon, Inc. for their defective vaginal mesh implants, with more than 15,000 lawsuits currently part of the MDL filed against the Johnson & Johnson company.

Chinese Drywall Company Taishan Gypsum Reaches First Settlement | 3/29/2015

The Chinese company Taishan Gypsum has reached the first of many expected settlements in multidistrict litigation concerning toxic chemicals found in drywall it sold to U.S. homeowners.

Plaintiffs Foresee Lengthy Battle In Syngenta Corn MDL | 3/27/2015

Many plaintiffs are hoping to have their federal GMO corn cases remanded to the state level given lengthy projections relating to a possible resolution to multidistrict litigation against Syngenta.

Monsanto Settles GMO Wheat Lawsuits With Seven States | 3/25/2015

States from the South and Midwest have settled with seed company Monsanto for the negative affects the discovery of their genetically modified wheat product had on the U.S. grain market in 2013.

Settlement Reached With Two Companies Involved In Drywall MDL | 3/23/2015

TIN Inc. and USG Corp. have both agreed to the first settlements approved in multidistrict litigation connected to allegations of price-fixing in the drywall industry.

Battle Over Attorney Fees In Kia And Hyundai MDL | 3/22/2015

Class members and the presiding judge in an MDL concerning false car milage rates are unhappy with the plaintiffs' representation after learning of the high proportion of attorney's fees detailed in a proposed settlement.

Second Settlement In DePuy ASR Hip Implant Lawsuits Reached | 3/19/2015

The eligibility date was expanded to January 2015 for those affected by the DePuy metal-on-metal ASR hip implant, adding more than 1,400 cases.

Plaintiffs Seek Certification of Whole Foods Job Application Lawsuits | 3/15/2015

Over 70,000 class members constitute a nationwide group of plaintiffs attempting to have their lawsuits claiming violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by Whole Foods certified into Multidistrict Litigation.

Facebook In-App Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 3/13/2015

Plaintiffs claim that Facebook violated California Family Code laws by refusing refunds to parents whose children had unknowingly made purchases via the company's gaming applications.

Lawyer Seeks MDL for Lumber Liquidators Formaldehyde Lawsuits | 3/11/2015

A "60 Minutes" report on carcinogens present in flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators has led to class-action lawsuits around the country, with the possibility of multidistrict litigation recently being put on the table.

MDL Lawyers Upset With Alleged HSBC Undermining Of Federal Case | 3/10/2015

Lawyers representing the federal class of plaintiffs in multidistrict litigation dealing with improper overdraft fees charged by HSBC are upset with the bank's preliminary settlement agreement with plaintiffs in a New York state court.

$3.6 Million Awarded To Plaintiff In Actos Lawsuit | 3/5/2015

Takeda Pharmaceuticals has to pay $3.6 million in damages for the cancerous side effects of its diabetes drug Actos.

Zofran Lawsuit News Update - New Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania | 3/5/2015

Birth Defects Lawsuits Continue to be Filed Over the Off-Label Use of Zofran

Judge Announces Trial Dates For Slow Moving Yaz, Yasmin MDL | 3/3/2015

A federal judge chided Bayer for contributing to the slow pace of the Yaz and Yasmin birth control MDL, naming a new trial date and cases to be heard during bellwether trials.

Plaintiffs in General Motors Safety Rating Lawsuits Seek MDL | 3/3/2015

Four classes involved in a nationwide lawsuit against General Motors for the false advertisement of safety ratings are appealing to a Florida federal judge to consolidate their claims into multidistrict litigation.

Antitrust MDL Against Netflix Dismissed By Appeals Court | 3/3/2015

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the decision by a previous court to dismiss antitrust lawsuits against Netflix, stating no injuries-in-fact could be proven.

$15 Million In Attorney Fees Awarded In Oil Sludge MDL | 3/3/2015

The First Circuit Court of Appeals threw out an earlier settlement and ruled that only $15 million should be awarded to plaintiff's attorneys, down from the original $30 figure.

Pair Of Meningitis Lawsuits Consolidated into MDL | 3/3/2015

Two lawsuits against Indiana health care providers have been consilidated into multidistrict litigation in Massachusetts.

Plaintiffs Seek Consolidation Of Supplement Lawsuits | 3/3/2015

Lawsuits nationwide aimed at the absence of listed ingredients in herbal supplements are appealing to federal judges for consolidation into multidistrict litigation.

Target Denied Motion To Take Back Documents Given To Court | 3/3/2015

Target claims to have inadvertantly given the court more than 40,000 documents pertaining to its data breach litigation. The court rules the retailer's use of the clawback provision not applicable.

Google Android Antitrust MDL Dismissed | 2/23/2015

A federal judge dismissed the antitrust MDL against Google's Android operating system on February 20, requests plaintiffs restructure arguments and return in three weeks.

Protegrity Patent Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 2/23/2015

The JPML ruled in favor of consolidation for a group of patent infringement lawsuits originally filed by the company Protegrity.

Groupon Gift Card Expiration Date Settlement Reversed | 2/22/2015

A $8.5 million settlement reached in 2012 was reversed by the Ninth District Court of Appeals following complaints of unfair disbursement and extravagant attorney fees.

Transfer Location Of Takata Airbag MDL Undecided | 1/31/2015

Plaintiffs, Defendants and the JPML are still in the midst of assigning a location for the multidistrict litigation over exploding airbags to be centralized. Arguments key on an array of locations all around the U.S.

First Four Johnson & Johnson Mesh Lawsuits Settled | 1/31/2015

Four confidential settlements were reached with Johnson & Johnson over their controversial Transvaginal Mesh products.

Supreme Court sends LIBOR MDL appeal back to Second Circuit | 1/30/2015

The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided that the appeal of the dismissed LIBOR MDL can proceed, contrary to the ruling the Second Circuit Court of Appeals originally made.

Babies "R" Us MDL Reaches Second, Claimant-Friendly Settlement | 1/30/2015

After the denial of a 2011 settlement that left swindled customers short-changed, the latest settlement in the Babies "R" Us price-fixing lawsuit puts much more cash in the pockets of those who paid for overpriced merchandise.

DuPont Accused Of Concealing Docs In MDL | 1/29/2015

Plaintiffs have accused DuPont of concealing documents that allegedly hold information about a company the defendants may be trying to work with to dilute settlements.

Local Exchange Carrier Overbilling MDL transferred to Texas | 1/28/2015

28 lawsuits alleging that Sprint and Verizon were overbilled by local exchange carriers, many operated by Century Link, were recently consolidated into multidistrict litigation.

Preliminary Approval Given To Motor Fuel Temperature Settlements | 1/28/2015

Preliminary approval was given to a number of settlements stemming from multidistrict litigation accusing oil companies and gasoline retailers of failing to adjust the price of motor fuel in relation to fluctuations in temperature.

GAF Materials Corp. MDL Transferred To New Jersey | 1/27/2015

Lawsuits connected to the early deterioration and discoloration of GAF decking materials were consolidated in New Jersey on January 7.

Lipitor Lawsuit News: Lawsuits Against Pzifer Continue To Balloon | 1/24/2015

More than 1,600 Lipitor lawsuits are now included in the MDL against Pfizer for failing to warn consumers of the serious side effects connected to their cholesterol drug Lipitor, namely the risk of developing new-onset type 2 diabetes.

Navistar Inc. Maxxforce Engine Lawsuits Consolidated | 1/24/2015

Overheating and engine failure are at the heart of a series of lawsuits against heavy-duty truck manufacturer Navistar Inc. that were recently consolidated into multidistrict litigation.

Supreme Court Hears, Debates Natural Gas Antitrust Appeal | 1/22/2015

Supreme Court Justices are split in appeal over federal preemption laws concerning state rights to pursue multidistrict litigation against energy companies involved in the natural gas antitrust lawsuit.

Google Will Ask Judge To Deny Certification To In-App Purchase Lawsuits | 1/20/2015

Google recently settled with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that they allowed for minors to make unauthorized in-app purchases on parents' cell phones, and argue that motion should be enough to deny ongoing class action lawsuits MDL certification.

Louisiana Becomes 15th State To Join Auto Body Antitrust MDL | 12/31/2014

Louisiana has joined into multidistrict litigation with 14 other states across the country against a number of auto insurers that allegedly suppressed reimbursement rates auto body shops receive for collision repairs.

China Lifts Ban On Syngenta Viptera Corn, MDL Proceeds | 12/30/2014

China recently lifted the ban on Syngenta's genetically modified corn strain MIR162, though parties affected by its initial rejection continue to pursue damages.

Cymbalta Lawsuits Denied Consolidation | 12/30/2014

25 separate actions against Eli Lily and their antidepressant drug Cymbalta were denied consolidation by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on December 10.

Whole Foods Greek Yogurt Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 12/29/2014

Whole Foods Lawsuits concerning the mislabeled sugar content in their 365 Everyday Value Plain Greek Yogurt were consolidated into multidistrict litigation December 10.

Home Depot Data Breach Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 12/29/2014

The Home Depot 2014 data breach that compromised personal information belonging to millions of customers was transferred into multidistrict litigation on December 11.

Depuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement MDL Tops 7,000 Cases | 12/27/2014

More than 7,000 lawsuits have been filed in the Depuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement MDL for the product's faulty metal-on-metal design.

Xarelto Lawsuits Consolidated Into Multidistrict Litigation | 12/23/2014

21 pending lawsuits against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson concerning the blood thinner Xarelto have been transferred to multidistrict litigation in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Androgel Lawsuit News: MDL Grows, Bellwether Dates Assigned | 12/17/2014

The initial bellwether trials in the growing MDL involving Androgel and other testosterone replacement therapies have been scheduled to take place between October, 2016 and April, 2017.