Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit News

The Stryker hip recall involves the Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular-Neck Stem Hip Replacement Systems, hip replacement products sold by Stryker Corpoartion. The systems were recalled due to reports of severe pain, inflammation, loosening or detachment of the implant, dislocation of the implant components, and fracture of the bone around the implant as a result of a Stryker hip replacement. Fretting and corrosion of the metal parts are the source of these problems. In many of these cases, patients have had to undergo a repeat hip replacement surgery in order to remove or repair the faulty parts. These problems have been documented by the FDA's MedWatch program, the documentation of which no doubt led to the Stryker hip recall. Stryker hip replacement recall attorneys represent persons who have suffered pain, injuries, and the need for repeat surgery associated with a recalled Stryker hip. This page provides Stryker hip replacement lawsuit news from national lawyers.

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