Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls

Thousands upon thousands of products are recalled every year in the United States because they pose a safety risk to their users. In the past 10 - 15 years there has been an alarming increase in the number of medications, both over the counter and prescription, and most recently medical devices that are surgically implanted in their users being recalled. In most of the pharmaceutical and medical device recalls, the pill or product has caused devastating injury, all too often death, to thousands of people before the recall was issued. In almost every case where a pharmaceutical recall or medical device recall results in a recall lawsuit being filed, it is because the manufacturer - and while pharmaceutical and medical device companies are manufacturers, they are held to a much higher standard - was aware of the problem, or at least the increased risk of a problem, and did not fully inform its users, or worse, hid the information from the public and sometimes even the FDA. Profits from even relatively minor drug companies and medical device manufacturers, like those making joint replacement systems, amount to billions of dollars in profit each year. Sometimes a single drug may produce more than a billion dollars in profit per year. Accordingly, drug companies fight to keep all of their drugs on the market, determining that it ultimately may be more profitable to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in recall lawsuits and even hundreds of millions of additional dollars in FDA fines just to postpone a recall for another year or two, during which time its users may be exposed to avoidable injury or even death.

Recall Lawyers fight for their clients' rights and in the hope that by doing so, they may be able to save the lives of those who are still being exposed to dangerous drugs and defective products.

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