CPSC Recall - Issued 1/23/2014

Suunto Recalls Air Hoses Used With Scuba Gear Due To Drowning Hazard

Manufacturer: Suunto Oy
Product: Scuba high-pressure air hoses
Hazard: The high pressure air hose may leak or rupture leading to a loss of breathing gas posing a drowning hazard.
Injuries: No injuries reported.
Description: The recalled black rubber high pressure air hose is used with submersible pressure gauges and dive computers. The hose has silver fittings on both ends and “5000 PSIG PRESSURE TESTED – MADE IN THE U.S.A,” the batch code “1812” and the product code are printed on it. The hoses were sold separately and as a component of the Cobra, Cobra 3, SM-36 model pressure gauge and gauge combos, and with the Vyper and Zoop model dive computers or analog pressure gauges when purchased as combos.
Remedy: Replace
Sold At: Authorized Suunto Dive dealers nationwide from November 2012 to July 2013 for $95 to $195 if sold with Suunto analog pressure gauge for diving, and from $400 to $900 if sold as part of a Suunto dive computer system, and $85 if sold separately.
Units: About 1,300 in the U.S.
Consumer Contact: Suunto Support toll-free at (855) 258-0900 anytime, or email at support@suunto.com, or online at www.suunto.com and click on Recall at the bottom of the page for more information.
Company Website: www.suunto.com