Zofran Lawsuit News: Attorneys Outline Zofran Research

Attorneys handling national Zofran lawsuits for the Onder Law Firm have updated their website to provide a comprehensive overview of studies examining Zofran’s potential to cause birth defects at their Zofran lawsuit website.

Monday, March 2, 2015 - National Zofran birth defect attorneys have updated their website to include detailed information on research conducted globally on the correlation between Zofran use during pregnancy and the risk of birth defects. The studies have been cited in a recent Zofran lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, alleging Zofran exposure resulted in congenital birth defects in the plaintiff‘s child.

As outlined in the court documents, three studies comprise the bulk of the body of research on Zofran‘s effect on a growing fetus. The two most prominent originate from Danish birth records and provide opposing information. One, "Ondansetron use in early pregnancy and the risk of congenital malformations - a register based nationwide cohort study", which was published by a group of physicians and researchers in Denmark in August of 2013, concluded that first trimester exposure to Zofran resulted in as much as a two-fold increase in the risk of developing particular birth defects, according to court documents. Another study published earlier that year in the New England Journal of Medicine found no connection between Zofran use by pregnant mothers and an increase in birth defects in babies, according to court documents.

The two studies utilized the same Danish birth records, but the New England Journal of Medicine study examined a much shorter span of time (2004 - 2011 versus 1997 - 2010), and many of the mothers participating in the study who took Zofran had taken in later in their pregnancy, with an average exposure of week 10, according to court documents. Major birth defects that the more comprehensive study linked to Zofran, such as congenital heart defects and physical deformities, are only a risk prior to week 10 of a pregnancy, according to court documents. The more comprehensive study, which examined women who took Zofran early in their pregnancy, is the research that shows the strongest link between fetal Zofran exposure and birth defects, according to court documents.

"Zofran has never been approved by the FDA for use in pregnant women, yet the drug is widely prescribed to pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. Marketing Zofran to pregnant women without FDA approval got the drug maker in trouble with the federal government in 2012; GlaxoSmithKline paid the Department of Justice $1 billion in civil settlements alone for illegally marketing Zofran to pregnant women, among other charges," said Jim Onder of the Onder Law Firm. "No one knows exactly what effect Zofran has on growing fetuses, but women across the country have begun to file Zofran lawsuits alleging the drug caused birth defects in their children. These existing studies and new research on the topic are helping to round out our understanding of the risks Zofran poses during pregnancy."

The Onder Law Firm, nationally-renowned for its work on prominent federal lawsuits in the areas of family safety and consumer liability, provides legal representation for families seeking to file Zofran lawsuits for allegations of birth defects. Among the first Zofran lawsuits to be filed is Tomisha LeClair vs. GlaxoSmithKline. Citing the same 2012 Department of Justice settlement, the lawsuit alleges that GlaxoSmithKline marketed Zofran to pregnant women without ever conducting research to determine fetal risks posed by Zofran, according to court documents.

Zofran lawyers representing clients nationwide offer Zofran lawsuit news and updates at their website. The firm provides no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation for mothers and families whose baby was born with a birth defect following prenatal exposure to Zofran. Individuals who fit this description may contact a lawyer to discuss whether they have grounds for a Zofran lawsuit. The firm‘s Zofran lawyers believe persons who meet this description may be entitled to real compensation. For more information, visit the Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuit Center website.

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