Medical Background to Bleeding Allegations Upcoming in Xarelto Lawsuit MDL

Lawyers from the Onder Law Firm providing legal representation for individuals and families in national Xarelto lawsuits provide an update on developments in the Xarelto multidistrict litigation.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - The latest news development on the pretrial proceedings for national concerns Science Day, according to attorneys handling Xarelto claims. According to court documents, Science Day is a component of pretrial proceedings during which scientific and medical research relevant to the internal bleeding allegations made by plaintiffs in Xarelto lawsuits will be presented objectively and "without advocacy". Science Day will take place tomorrow, on June 11, 2015, according to court documents. These Xarelto attorneys provide regular news updates and no-cost Xarelto lawsuits case evaluation at

"Science Day is a common part of complex litigation that involves widespread allegations regarding a pharmaceutical drug or medical device," explains Jim Onder of the Onder Law Firm. "Hundreds of Xarelto lawsuit claims have been consolidated in U.S. District Court in Louisiana in order to avoid duplicative discovery and other pretrial proceedings. Science Day sets a common background of medical and scientific research for all the consolidated cases."

A number of specific agreements apply to the Science Day for the Xarelto lawsuit MDL, according to court documents. Plaintiffs and defendants have agreed that presentations will be made on the medical condition known as atrial fibrillation, for which Xarelto is prescribed, according to court documents. Other medical topics include coagulation and anti-coagulant therapy, the approved uses of Xarelto, the existing record of Xarelto adverse events, and clinical trials of Xarelto, among other topics, according to court documents. The presenters of this information include doctors and scientists who will present the information but may not be formally questioned, according to court documents.

Each of the several hundred lawsuits now consolidated as part of the Xarelto lawsuit MDL shares common questions of fact and makes common allegations against the defendant, Janssen Research & Development; according to court documents, the plaintiffs allege they or a family members suffered a severe internal bleeding incident as a result of taking Xarelto. The claims assert that the makers of Xarelto knew or should have known - and should have warned the public - of the alleged bleeding risk from taking Xarelto, according to court documents.

Persons and the family members of persons around the country who suffered severe and unstoppable internal bleeding and have a history of taking Xarelto have filed lawsuits as part of this MDL, according to court documents. These attorneys are currently accepting new claims for possible inclusion in the Xarelto lawsuit MDL from persons who have suffered internal bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke. The Onder Law Firm is renowned for its achievements in product and consumer safety litigation, with a strong track record of winning meaningful settlements for clients. The firm is nationally-renowned for its work on window blind strangulation, and has notable expertise in fighting on behalf of individuals against powerful corporations. Individuals and the family members of individuals who have suffered from internal bleeding and have taken Xarelto are eligible for a no-cost, no-obligation Xarelto lawsuit case review, and may contact the firm through its Xarelto Contingency Lawsuit website.

The Onder Law Firm also welcomes Xarelto lawsuit inquiries from other law firms, either to handle these inquiries or work as co-counsel.

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*Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2592, United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

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