National Testosterone Lawyers Provide Testosterone Lawsuit MDL Update

Attorneys representing persons involved in testosterone lawsuits alleging heart attack and stroke provide an update on recent court developments: While AbbVie attorneys press for a cap on custodians, plaintiffs' counsel demands more time for research.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 - The Plaintiffs Steering Committee (PSC) and the defendants in testosterone lawsuits now consolidated as MDL 2545, Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation, are in the midst of ongoing discussion regarding the establishment of a cap on the number of custodial files the PSC may receive for corporate employees involved in the production or marketing of AbbVie testosterone products, according to court documents. Recent phone conferences, which took place on August 19 and August 23, 2015, according to court documents, still left a number of issues unresolved.

"From an outside perspective, it may seem one side or the other is failing to cooperate to let this case move forward smoothly. But from an inside perspective, we know testosterone lawsuits are incredibly complex.

"For Androgel alone - and the bellwether trials have been limited to Androgel, while the lawsuits address allegations regarding a number of other testosterone replacement products as well - the product has been in development or on the market for nearly twenty years. Multiple companies have been involved in its development and marketing over that time. There may have been hundreds of corporate employees who had a role in the products, in positions such as clinical development, non-clinical development, regulatory, pharmacovigilance/drug safety, marketing, sales, medical affairs, and product management.

"The goal of the plaintiffs committee in arguing for more time before agreeing on a cap to the number of custodians allowed is to properly research the scope of persons involved in order to ensure a fair sampling of these persons are allowed as custodians during the discovery process. Attorneys representing plaintiffs in these national testosterone lawsuits are merely advocating for the time they need to do their job fully and professionally on behalf of plaintiffs who have filed very serious allegations," a representative of the Onder Law Firm intoned.

A total of 2,231 testosterone lawsuits have been transferred to MDL 2545, according to official court records filed on August 17, 2015. There are approximately a dozen defendants, each of which is a pharmaceutical company that had a role in producing or marketing testosterone replacement products to men in the United States, according to court documents. Each of these testosterone lawsuits has been filed by and on behalf of men who say they suffered from heart attack, stroke, or another serious side effect allegedly linked to testosterone replacement therapy, according to court documents. The testosterone lawsuit MDL is currently among the 20 largest consolidated MDLs now pending in the United States, according to court documents.

These testosterone attorneys provide timely testosterone lawsuit news updates and testosterone side effects research at their website. The firm is nationally renowned for its representation of American families and individuals against major corporations through pharmaceutical, product liability, and personal injury lawsuits. Persons who believe they may have grounds to file a testosterone lawsuit alleging heart attack or stroke may contact the firm for a free case review through the website.

Lawyers handling testosterone lawsuit claims for the Onder Law Firm believe qualifying persons may be entitled to real compensation and offer no-cost, no-obligation case review to persons or family members of those who have suffered heart attack, stroke, or another serious health problem possibly related to AndroGel, Testim, or another testosterone product.

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*Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2545, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

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