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More than 1,500 testosterone lawsuits are pending as a multi-district litigation in U.S. District Court; Onder Law Firm attorneys, who are representing plaintiffs in testosterone lawsuits, provide information on recent developments including a Case Management Conference.

Monday, June 8, 2015 - Multiple developments have taken place in the past week in testosterone lawsuit claims that have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings as MDL 2546, Testosterone Replacement Product Liability Litigation.* First, attorneys handling testosterone lawsuits report the number of pending claims has reached 1,562 according to the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, up from over 1,300 claims at this time last month. Each of these testosterone lawsuits share common questions of fact and are aimed at pharmaceutical companies that market and sell testosterone replacement therapies for men. The plaintiffs allege they have suffered serious health events including heart attacks and stroke as a result of using the drugs, according to court documents.

According to meeting minutes filed as an official court document, the June 2 Case Management Conference addressed the following topics: deadlines for filing motions to dismiss for defendants ANDA and Besin; agreements for the production the of the Adverse Events Database; and an agreement that certain plaintiffs are in some cases eligible to file a second complaint through another testosterone lawsuit. The next case management conference has been scheduled for July 9, 2015, according to the court document.

According to the original complaint (an official court document which clarifies the allegations) the plaintiffs in this case allege the defendant companies engaged in off label marketing for testosterone products, meaning they advertised testosterone replacement therapies for use in demographics that had not been approved by the FDA. These testosterone lawsuits also file counts of fraud, failure to warn, and negligence, alleging the companies knew testosterone therapy was risky glossed over the cardiac risks in advertising materials and failed to adequately warn patients, according to court documents.

The link between stroke, heart attack and testosterone replacement therapy is the subject of an FDA investigation, according to an announcement made by the federal agency in January of 2014.**Later the same year, in June, the FDA also warned doctors and consumers that testosterone replacement therapy increases the risk of a patient developing venous blood clots; at that time, drug makers were required to add a warning regarding this health risk to the drug‘s label.**

Attorneys handling national testosterone lawsuits believe that men and the families of men who experienced heart attack, stroke, or another serious health problem while taking testosterone may be entitled to real compensation by filing a testosterone lawsuit. Nationally-renowned for groundbreaking work in drug and product safety litigation against multi-billion dollar corporations, the Onder Law Firm‘s testosterone attorneys have committed their significant resources to providing expert legal representation to men and the family members of men who believe they may have grounds to file testosterone lawsuits. Individuals and family members of individuals who meet this description are entitled to a no-cost, no-obligation consultation through the firm‘s Testosterone Lawsuit Center website.

The Onder Law Firm welcomes testosterone lawsuit or other testosterone case inquiries from law firms in regards to handling them or working as co-counsel.

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* Testosterone Replacement Product Liability Litigation, MDL 2546, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

** FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA evaluating risk of stroke, heart attack and death with FDA-approved testosterone products, 1/31/2014,

FDA adding general warning to testosterone products about potential for venous blood clots, 6/19/14,

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