Mirena Side Effects Lawyers Offer No Cost, No Obligation Mirena IUD Case Review to Women Nationwide

The Onder Law Firm's lawyers handling Mirena side effects claims are offering a free Mirena IUD attorney consultation to women experiencing severe side effects after having a Mirena IUD implanted

Monday, February 11, 2013 - Mirena lawyers at The Onder Law Firm are offering a free Mirena side effects claim review to women who experienced severe side effects such as uterine perforation. Other Mirena IUD side effects include embedment in the uterine wall, both of which may result in internal scarring and infection, possibly even damage to internal organs, and require surgery to repair the condition. The Mirena IUD, which is produced by Bayer Healthcare, is an implanted birth control device that releases the hormone progestogen. Mirena was first approved by the FDA as a contraceptive in 2000 and then received additional approval to treat heavy menstrual bleeding in 2009.

The Onder Law Firm is investigating uterine perforation claims and other cases of severe Mirena side effects. Bayer Healthcare has received an FDA warning notice regarding its advertising claims and about the benefits of Mirena compared to other birth control options and its failure to disclose the potential for Mirena side effects in its advertising. The medical device and pharmaceutical attorneys at the firm that are handling Mirena side effects claims are speaking with women nationwide that suffered a health problem after using a Mirena IUD, who have reported a variety of problems, which have impacted each woman‘s quality of life. All Mirena attorney consultations are free of charge and have no further obligation. Women who want the firm to file a Mirena lawsuit on their behalf will be represented on a contingency basis and the Mirena attorneys will only receive compensation if they successfully collect for their clients.

The Onder Law Firm invites other law firms to consult on Mirena IUD side effects cases and is available either to handle their cases or work as co-counsel.

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