Attorneys at The Onder Law Firm Announce Mirena IUD Side Effect Case Review

Mirena IUD attorneys investigate Mirena side effects such as embedment in the uterine wall, uterine bleeding, and IUD expulsion, offering a free Mirena attorney consultation to women suffering from severe Mirena IUD side effects

Monday, March 18, 2013 - The Onder Law Firm, attorneys handling medical device and pharmaceutical injury and death cases nationwide, have created a team of attorneys to deal with Mirena side effects claims, from providing women with free attorney consultations to handling those cases on a contingency basis. Women who have thus far contacted the Mirena side effects attorneys at The Onder Law Firm have spoken of both embedment and expulsion of the Mirena IUD, as well as debilitating pain and uterine bleeding. Many, if not the clear majority, of these women stated that their quality of life had suffered greatly because of a device they were told would make their lives better.

The maker of the Mirena IUD, Bayer Healthcare, Inc., has received warnings from the FDA regarding its marketing of the device in regards to claims of benefits from using the Mirena IUD and the failure to mention risks that Mirena IUD users faced. This is not the first time Bayer Healthcare has either been warned or faced lawsuits over its birth control products, agreeing to spend $20 million in advertising to properly inform consumers about the benefits and risks of its Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella birth control pills and correct false and misleading statements made in previous advertising of those products. (

The Onder Law Firm‘s Mirena IUD lawyers are providing a confidential, free attorney consultation to women, or the families of women, who experienced severe side effects after having a Mirena IUD implanted. Should the Mirena IUD lawyer feel there is a claim with a reasonable chance of providing help to that client, the case will be accepted on a contingency basis, with no attorney fees or other costs unless the firm‘s attorneys are able to secure a settlement on that client‘s behalf.

The Onder Law Firm invites other law firms to consult on Mirena IUD side effects cases and is available either to handle their cases or work as co-counsel.

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