Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits are MDL, Not Class Action Lawsuits

Attorneys handling Bard IVC filter lawsuits for the Onder Law Firm provide a Bard IVC filter lawsuit news update on developments with the pending multidistrict litigation, and clarify the difference between MDL and class action lawsuits.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - Bard IVC filter lawsuits, or claims filed against the pharmaceutical company Bard alleging injuries caused by inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, are not class action lawsuits, according to attorneys handling national Bard filter claims for the Onder Law Firm.

"When families are wondering if filing a medical device lawsuit is a necessary, they often ask our attorneys if the claim will be processed as a part of a class action. The concern there, for many Americans, is that their claim will become a meaningless number among hundreds or thousands of others,"explained a representative of the Onder Law Firm.

"Our attorneys are aware of the very serious nature of Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits; the FDA warns that serious injuries and death may result if IVC filters are not removed promptly.** We want our clients to know their claims will not be handled as part of a class action. Your case will be addressed individually based on the particular details presented."

"We believe it is very likely that Bard IVC filter lawsuits will be consolidated as multidistrict litigation. MDL is a legal procedure that allows courts to consolidate lawsuits that have been filed in judicial districts around the nation for pretrial proceedings in order to eliminate duplicative discovery, promote efficiency, and avoid conflicting rulings, while still handling each case‘s outcome individually. We are currently awaiting a decision from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on this matter," the attorney explained.

A proposal to consolidate existing and future IVC filter injury lawsuits filed against Bard is currently under consideration of the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML), according to court documents. The motion to transfer Bard IVC filter lawsuits for consolidated pretrial proceedings was filed on May 18, 2015 by a group of plaintiffs. The JPML recently heard oral arguments in support of the proposed consolidation on July 30, 2015, according to court documents.

Each of the existing Bard IVC filter lawsuits has been filed by individuals and family members of individuals who allege they suffered internal injuries when a Bard IVC filter broke, fractured, or moved from where it had been implanted, allegedly damaging internal organs such as the heart or lungs, according to court documents.

Bard IVC filter attorneys for the Onder Law Firm are now accepting inquiries from persons and the family members of persons who suffered injuries they believe are related to a Bard IVC filter. The Onder Law Firm is a recognized leader in multi-district litigation and complex cases such as products liability cases related to defective medical devices and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. The firm is nationally-renowned for its work on window blind strangulation, and has notable expertise in fighting on behalf of individuals against powerful corporations. Persons and families who believe they may have an IVC filter claim are eligible for a free evaluation with a Bard IVC filter lawyer and may contact the firm through its Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits website.

The Onder Law Firm also welcomes Bard IVC filter inquiries from other law firms, either to handle these inquiries or work as co-counsel.

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*Case Pending No. 59, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, Action Filed 05/18/15

** "Removing Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filters: FDA Safety Communication", 5/6/14

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