GM Ignition Recall Lawsuit Information Now Available at New GM Ignition Injury Lawsuit Website,

National attorneys handling GM ignition injury lawsuit claims at The Onder Law Firm announce the launch of a new website, providing GM recall news updates and no-cost GM ignition injury lawsuit case review

Monday, June 30, 2014 - Attorneys representing plaintiffs in General Motors ignition recall lawsuits have launched a new website,, which serves as a public resource on GM recall lawsuit news. GM has issued recalls for vehicles in the Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn lines due to a dangerous defect in the ignition system which can cause the vehicle to lose power, disabling the air bags, brakes, and steering. The firm represents persons and the family members of persons who were harmed in an accident in a recalled GM vehicle.

The GM ignition recalls began in February of 2014, when General Motors recalled 2.6 million vehicles related to ignition switch defects, according to a June 16, 2014 article in the New York Times.* Since that time, the total number of vehicles affected by the GM ignition recalls has reached around 6.5 million vehicles, according to the article. The GM ignition recalls have been issued due to design flaws in the ignition switch itself, as well as the keys manufactured for these vehicles. The ignition system defects, according to the New York Times, can cause the affected vehicles to suddenly lose engine power, resulting in air bag failure. The long string of GM ignition recalls, which now affect nine different models, indicate that "G.M.‘s ignition troubles are rampant throughout its product lineup," according to the news piece. For the ignition defect and many other problems, GM has issued a total of 41 different recalls so far this year, according to a list compiled by CNN in a report on June 23, 2014.**

The vehicles affected by the GM ignition recalls are not recent models, but date from the years 2005 - 2010. In some cases, the NY Times reported, it took the company as long as eleven years to issue recalls to correct the ignition safety problems. For this, GM has been the subject of governmental and internal investigations. The company released the findings of an internal review of the matter, which, according to the Times piece, revealed the company to be "rife with ‘organizational dysfunction.‘" The company has announced the dismissal of 15 employees since publishing the ignition recall investigation report.

Persons who were harmed in recalled GM vehicles have sustained serious injuries or were killed at no fault of their own. Design flaws in the ignition switch and key lead to circumstances where the vehicle may shift from the "Drive" mode to the "Accessory" mode while the car is in motion. According to the GM ignition recall website, this circumstance can result in a loss of power for the airbags.*** The failure of airbags to deploy is a significant hazard. Attorneys handling GM injury lawsuits believe that individuals and the family members of persons harmed in crashes in a car that was recalled by GM may be entitled to real compensation for their losses by filing a GM injury lawsuit.

No amount of money can compensate families effectively for the loss of loved one, but the threat of GM ignition recall lawsuits may help to prevent similar incidents in the future. In some cases, the financial strain of large settlements is the only thing that motivates a company to be a better corporate citizen. Lawyers handling GM injury lawsuits announce no-cost, no-obligation case review to persons or family members of those who were harmed in a vehicle that has been recalled by GM for ignition problems. To receive a free, no-obligation GM recall case review with an experienced attorney, contact the firm via its GM Ignition Injury Lawsuit website.

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