DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit News

The DePuy hip recall was issued in August of 2010 after approximately 93,000 of the problematic devices were implanted in hip replacement patients around the world. The ASR hip replacement systems by DePuy Orthapaedics were recalled due to reports of a 12-13% failure rate. Hip system failure may result in serious and long-term pain, infection, and swelling for the patient, as a result of metal debris in the joint and loosening or dislocation of the device. One of eight DePuy ASR hip replacements will result in failure and require revision surgery to remove and replace the recalled parts. Persons who have been forced to undergo revision hip replacement surgery or have had other problems related to the DePuy hip recall are filing lawsuits under a multi-district litigation suit. This page provides the latest information on DePuy hip recall lawsuit news.

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